What I Do

Hi again! It’s Holly,  and here’s a little bit about me and what I do:

My love of marketing began in High School after I joined the DECA club and competed in the Advertising Campaign event. After a few state awards, I went on to Kennesaw State University to study marketing. After three short years, I had a BBA in Marketing, and a job lined up! I spent my college years working multiple jobs and internships which would all help me develop the knowledge I have today.

I’ve spent my post grad time in a 9-5 as a marketing coordinator so far. I’m a millennial which means I have to have a side hustle…it’s the law! So, on the side I open up my mind to new projects that help me to keep being creative and continue learning in the marketing space.

I have a few hobbies as well! I am gym junkie and have competed in both bikini competitions and powerlifting competitions.

I have two beautiful kittens named Max and Lily that I love more than anything. If there are ever any typos in my work, Max was following the cursor on my screen and walking across my keyboard! I love to cook, my favorite show is Friends, and I am a tad Disney obsessed. So ya, that’s me, and I cannot wait to meet you!